Thursday, 27 February 2014

S1-01 Virus

The new strain of virus has come. Cough, flu, stomach flu and no one knows whatever disease any one has, come together and form the latest strain of virus. The S1-01 Virus.
The S1-01 virus has rumoured to start from Johan, and has supposedly spread to the rest. The infected list:
Johan (Stomach Flu...)
Joshua (Flu...)
Yew Chong (Stomach Flu...)
Durwa (Flu...)
Sid (Stomach flu)

However, most people recover quickly. The only one who did not, Johanna, was quickly sent to the hospital.
"It was a traumatic experience! In the end, I remembered that laughter is the best medicine and laughed but vomited. All the virus burst because of my laugh."

It is to believed to have been originated from hyenas, and Johan caughted it in the 2014 Jan Laughing contest. It was a close fight between Johan and the hyenas. In the end, Johan won but the virus from the hyenas got passed to him.

If you know anymore cases, send it to:

You can prevent yourself from being sick by:
1) Not eating any unhealthy stuff. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
2) Don't attempt to become sick to skip school
3) Try to eat your vegetables (Like J!)
4) Sleep early, don't make yourself suffer
5) Stay away from people who fall sick in class like (HOW!?)

More updates to come.

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