Thursday, 27 February 2014

The medicine for the blur ones

"HUH!?" "Got homework meh? I never do leh" "What is that?"
Heard these before, haven't you?
The blur people in the class have been sighted! We need to call the paramedics, the ambulance, the police, the cops the whatever you can call, the Macdonalds I'M LOVING IT, to try and save them! Rescue them from falling into the world of confusion! The stars are floating. Gosh! Help!
How YOU can play a part in helping them...
When you see them online in gmail, tell them the homework, even if it means them scolding you. JUST DO IT. Its for their own good. Don't let them get hypnotized! EAT MORE MACDONALDS.
Mostly the class has not been infected. EAT MORE MACDONALDS. Help them.EAT MORE MACDONALDS. Arm yourself with notebooks and pens. EAT MORE MACDONALDS. Jot down, don't fall into oblivion.EAT MORE MAC I GIVE UP! The last thing we want is a non-infected guy getting infected. >:( MUST EAT MORE MACDONALDS
P.S. Go get a double cheeseburger


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