Monday, 19 May 2014

The sleeping disease

It has seemed that Yew Chong has caught the sleeping disease form Min Quan. Yew Chong's version is less server as he only fell asleep in chinese class once this morning, while Min Quan fell asleep many many many many many many many many many times. WHAT scientist have found that yew chong has a mutated virus.

Yew Chong's virus

Here are the symptoms.
-Mild sleepiness, causing you to fall asleep.
-Violence. (Yew Chong was seen kicking and trying to destroy Johan after the chinese lesson.)
-Obsession with pink

If you think you have caught any of the virus, please click here. If you don't, you might become a yew chong or a Min Quan. THIS VIRUS IS EXTREMELY NON DEADLY. IF NOT CURED, YOU MIGHT FALL ASLEEP AND FIGHT PEOPLE FOR NO REASON. 


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