Sunday, 11 May 2014

Yew Chong gone?

We are sorry to say this... but... but... Yew Chong... will no longer be part of the WHAT community unless he does something drastic...
Even though he is a permanent author, he will have to be removed. Here's why.

Yew Chong's What sometimesly journey so far...

February- WHAT sometimesly's blog was just created!! The founder, Joshua,  first made Yew Chong admin. Together, we created the first post.
Later, Johan join on board as an admin

March- Everything is going fine until one day. We could call it a train breakdown. Yew Chong and Johan was turned into authors for a day. Reason forgotten. Johan posts the first videos and kick starts the video revolution.

April- Everything is smoove. Until the end. Yew Chong is turned to author after betraying the community because he sent Random 101 (then enemies) a code to disable certain functions for the blog. Yew Chong also started the rivalry after 'claiming that we will be merging' although it was never discussed. He also added oil by saying stuff like 'sorry folks, we won't be merging. only the press for now'.

May- A lack of post is seen (except the stories, which I must say it is good). No videos were made by him. He claimed that he was 'not motivated'. (Perhaps brave frontier plays a part, but we can only speculate.)


Well, for all everyone who wants yew chong to still be part, please post "YC PLEASE STAY" in the comments.
If yew chong still wants to stay, he could contribute at least 1 good post by end tomorrow or 1 video by the same deadline.