Saturday, 10 May 2014


Wow the what blogger finder team have found a new blog!!! Yew chong the perment author (or is it) and self proclaimed super coder who knows how to disable clicks on blogs has a blog!!! You guys might suddenly see the spam of about 30++ notifications in your google notifications.
This is really a lot of spam. Unwanted or not, its up to you to decide.

Here is the link. (this will also be put up in the link section).

I'm pretty sure that show choir selection was not on the 9th of may. And I'm also sure that everyone applauded for all the other people too.

I'm pretty sure that we received the results in jan, not may.

I can safely say that viva voce was due last term.

Yew chong also seems to be addicted to brave frontier. Is it really that fun? All you do is press play, press a few buttons and suddenly exclaim "yes I won, go yew chong, go yew chong YEAH!!" (okay that was fake. But it might happen someday, someday soon!). And that's all he does in the MRT.


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