Thursday, 12 June 2014

WY wants to get back together with MQ?

        Our two most recent topics ended up breaking up as Wai Yan finds out that the
        13 year-old Ming Quan was a three-timer. According to Wai Yan on what'sapp
        Muthu Ming Quan was dating an unknown women and his phone keyboard. But
        recently, 12 year-old Wai Yan has been spamming the class Facebook group as  
        we suspect, to get attention from the 13 year-old "Muthu". Will they get back
        together? Stay tuned to The Whatsometimesly for more news

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  1. Fresh announcement-
    1) The rumors between me and Wai Yan aren't true; I don't know what the heck is he thinking.
    2) Please spell my motherfucking name correctly
    3) The statement "was dating an unknown women and his phone keyboard" is not true. I don't know what the hell was he thinking. Fuck that scumbag.
    4) I did not respond to him in FB because I muted the chat because you guys are so fucking noisy. If he REALLY wants attention, someone fuck him right in the pussy.


    1. Dear angry customer,
      Please dont mutu here. If you wish, you can do so at