Saturday, 19 July 2014

Yew chong new source of sleeping disease

Is Yew Chong the new source of the sleeping disease?
Reports suggests so. It has seems that he has been sleeping in many classes, including math and chinese. Apparently he was conserving energy...
There is no evidence but according to speculation he had fallen asleep more times than MQ.
Click here to view the symptoms.
 To prevent other people falling asleep, please go here. Caution: DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU HAVE NOT CAUGHT IT.

The element of stupidity

Last week in science class, we learnt about the periodic table
The periodic table displays all elements that has been discovered by scientists... or does it?
We have discovered a new one.
The element of stupidity.

We asked the WY productions manager on the element of stupidity. He didn't know.
We then asked Google. His only response was "It appears that the internet connection is offline."
This element has been found in numerous places, including the nokia crusher.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Roy is selling fake OSX Yomesite

Roy has been caught selling fake OSX yosemite. Beware! In his folder there will be a .dmg file. THE FILE IS FAKE AND CREATED BY ROY. Beside there is a read me first, which basically says TROLL. Roy will be punished for his copying and spreading of fake software crimes later today. For those who wants to get trolled by him, DO NOT GO HERE

Monday, 7 July 2014

S1-01 virus strikes back

A rise of case of the S1-01 virus has increased. 4 people have caught it. It is not known who had started it. For example, MQ has the sleeping disease while prateek has the PSD (prateek sticky disease). What scientist has concluded that the new virus is a mixture of the sleepy disease and the PSD.


Getting stuck
Making MQ like noises
Getting more annoying
Sudden craze for prata


PSD is spread when someone touches the sticky pus the victim produces. We are not sure about the sleeping disease but it is very rare. Only 2 people in our class has got it, Yew Chong and MQ. When combined, it could be spread when someone touches the pus of a sleeping infected person.

What really happened

When on the train back to school, Min Quan, Prateek and Jai took the same train back. Min Quan found a seat and sat down. He instantly fell asleep. At his stop, Kind hearted Prateek shook him to wake him up. In the process, he got the sleeping disease and Min Quan got the PSD. As MQ walked out of the train doors, he got stuck. The door then closed, slicing finger off. The finger dropped down from the station and fell onto Roy as he just was entering his Dad's car. Roy closed the car door but his finger got stuck to it. As he tried to unstick his finger, he fell asleep. Meanwhile on the train Jai tried to unstick Min Quan and Prateek. Prateek tried to pull Min Quan's finger out of the door but his hand got stuck to Min Quan's. At the next stop, Jai tried to push them both out but got stuck to them and they all fell out. They fell out of the tracks and fell asleep then landed on Roy as he just got out of his dad's car. 

What didn't happen

When everyone fell on Roy, he turned into ROY THE SUPER BOY and caught all of them.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sid shocking Vs prateek gets stuck

Sid vs prateek. The epic battle of the ages. The 2 most annoying guys fight it out to see who's the best.

Sid shocking ______________
                                                  |                                        |
                                                  |     Winner: Sid shocking (shocked)   |
                                                  |                                        |
Prateek gets stuck___________|                                        |

However... thats just one battle!
The ANNOYANCE games is about to begin!

How do you participate and decide the outcome?

The process is splitted into 3 phrases.

Phase 1:

Nominate your people...

Nominate as the people in the poll put up. If you feel that anyone else should be put there, please feel free to put who in the comments.
Phase 1 closes tomorrow, 4th July.

Phrase 2:

Join a team.

How to join? Simply fill up a google form with your name in it. Then chose who's team you wanna join.
Phase 2 closes on tuesday, 8th July.

Phase 3:


A series of easter eggs will be posted up. You have to find them! Clues will be given daily. First one who emails with all the answers win! (Remember to state your team name)
The games will close after this on 12th July, 12pm. The winner will be announced by the 14th of July

Tuesday, 1 July 2014