Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sid shocking Vs prateek gets stuck

Sid vs prateek. The epic battle of the ages. The 2 most annoying guys fight it out to see who's the best.

Sid shocking ______________
                                                  |                                        |
                                                  |     Winner: Sid shocking (shocked)   |
                                                  |                                        |
Prateek gets stuck___________|                                        |

However... thats just one battle!
The ANNOYANCE games is about to begin!

How do you participate and decide the outcome?

The process is splitted into 3 phrases.

Phase 1:

Nominate your people...

Nominate as the people in the poll put up. If you feel that anyone else should be put there, please feel free to put who in the comments.
Phase 1 closes tomorrow, 4th July.

Phrase 2:

Join a team.

How to join? Simply fill up a google form with your name in it. Then chose who's team you wanna join.
Phase 2 closes on tuesday, 8th July.

Phase 3:


A series of easter eggs will be posted up. You have to find them! Clues will be given daily. First one who emails with all the answers win! (Remember to state your team name)
The games will close after this on 12th July, 12pm. The winner will be announced by the 14th of July


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